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British Automatic
Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

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Guidelines & Codes of Practice

Guidelines for the Supply of Water to Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

This is the December 2013 revision of the Guidelines.

 Automatic fire sprinkler systems have a valuable role to play in the protection of both life and property from fire and in the reduction of environmental damage such fires can cause. This document reflects the commitment of the participants to maintain and develop the goodwill that currently exists. The guidelines refer to all types of automatic fire sprinkler systems supplied directly or indirectly by mains water in accordance with statutory obligations placed upon water undertakers.

These guidelines have been developed to reflect the legislative framework at the time of writing. Proposed amendments to Section 57 the Water Industry Act 1991 re-defining the scope of water for fire fighting to include fire sprinkler connections, are supported by water companies and by the fire sprinkler industry. Amendments to the legislation would deliver benefits but legislative change takes time and strong guidelines can, in the meantime, be used as the basis for discussions at a strategic level.

These guidelines have been prepared by the following participants;

  • The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

  • The European Fire Sprinkler Network

  • The National Fire Sprinkler Network

  • Residential Sprinkler Association

  • Water UK 

Technical Guide No 1: The Design and Installation of Residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems

This is the revised edition of BAFSA Technical Guide No1 (originally dated 2008) published in November 2012 with three appendices.

Technical Guide No 3: Watermist

The joint BAFSA/FIA guide to the specification, design and installation of watermist systems

BAFSA Technical Guide No 2:

Using Sprinkler Systems in Buildings and Structures: Compliance with current fire safety guidance. In this Technical Guidance Note readers will find extracts from official documents or summaries thereof reproduced in boxes, frequently followed by notes entitled ‘Sprinkler Compensation Benefits’. Such notes describe the positive contributions which sprinkler installations can make to the fire prevention/protection issue which is under consideration.

Fires on Construction Sites

This is the published version of the HSE's new guide to managing fire safety on construction sites. The pdf version can be downloaded here: