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British Automatic
Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

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General - 3rd Party Publications

Welsh Health Estates: Sprinkler systems in healthcare premises

Hard copies of this document have been distributed throughout the NHS Trusts in Wales (under cover of a Welsh Health Estates Notification WHEN 09/04) as well as to the three Fire Authorities in Wales. The prime objective of the guidance note is to assist Trusts and their appointed design teams to make better informed decisions on the inclusion of sprinklers in their future schemes, and to that end, WHEN09/04 steers the Trusts to conduct thorough option appraisals addressing sprinklers in the design of their healthcare premises. Please address any enquiries about this document to the author, Anthony Pitcher,

NHBC Report: Open plan flat layouts: assessing life safety in the event of fire

This September 2009 Report compiled by BRE looks at issues concerning how open plan layouts in flats can be made compliant with Approved Document B.

Mather & Platt Jubilee Book 1958

The first draft of this history was written in 1953 at the request of the then Chairman, Loris Emerson Mather, by a team from the company itself. This draft is dated 1958. It reflects the birth, growth and life of an extraordinary entity and is both comprehensive and clear in its scope. Very few companies in the world can boast of the existence of such a profound body of researched work dating back - as this does - to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Almost fifty years have passed since this book was written. People and places are now gone. Mather & Platt no longer exists in Manchester; but the history of this remarkable company remains - rich, detailed and alive. It is reproduced here as a tribute to the company, incorporating some amendments based on new evidence of fact, to acknowledge the greater contributions of some other personalities in the company, and as a celebration of the work undertaken by the original writers. The book they wrote was never actually published, has been designed as an internet companion volume to Marcel Boschi's "The History of Mather & Platt Limited" which is a detailed text and photographic record of the companies, men and machines mentioned in this history. David Drew-Smythe & Marcel Boschi, February 20, 2012 (Corrected September 10, 2012 by Marcel BOSCHI & John F. TAYLOR) The publication can be downloaded free of charge from:

Reducing fire risk at sites storing combustible materials

This is the Environment Agency's Technical Guidance Note TGN7.01 dated November 2013.

BSI Comment Template

This is the common template required to be submitted for comments on any draft British Standard