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British Automatic
Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

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Business Sprinkler Alliance Reports

Reports published by the BSA:

BV logo Assessing the role for fire sprinklers; 28 August 2011

This study from Bureau Veritas, commissioned by the Business Sprinkler Alliance, aims to provide a technically robust insight into the environmental and community impacts of fire in the event where

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An environmental impact and cost benefit analysis for fire fire sprinklers in warehouse buildings

29 January 2014

bre global logo

This study from BRE Global identifies the costs and benefits associated with the installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems (‘sprinklers’), in three ranges of warehouse building size in England based on a comprehensive life-cycle analysis

Despite a steady year-on-year decrease in the number of commercial fires, the estimated cost to the UK economy from such fires continues to increase, along with the related societal and environmental impacts

The Business Sprinkler Alliance commissioned BRE Global to carry out an independent, authoritative study to assess all available data associated with the overall costs fires in warehouse buildings.

pdf An environmental impact and cost benefit analysis for fire sprinklers in warehouse buildings – BRE global (2.71 MB)     cebr logo  

The financial and economic impact of warehouse fire: 29 January 2014

An evidence‐based assessment of the direct and indirect economic impacts in England and Wales of fires in warehouse buildings without automatic fire sprinkler systems (AFSS)
This report by Centre for Economics and Business

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