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Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

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BAFSA Information Files (BIF's)

BIF No.Issue DateDescriptionPDF
1 Nov-06

BIF 1 Schools (issue 3)

This is the January 2010 re-issue of BIF 1 (Schools)
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BIF 2 Dwellings Jul-16

BIF 2 Dwellings Issue 3

1st published May 2004

2nd edition June 2008

3rd edition July 2016

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3 Revision 1 Mar-02

BIF 3 Heritage Buildings and Sprinklers

This is the April 2013 update of Heritage Buildings and Sprinklers/
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4 Jun-03

BIF 4 Retail Premises

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5 Revision 3 Jun-03

BIF 5 Warehouses

This is the May 2015 Revision - the 3rd since publication. This enlarged BIF includes details of the Business Sprinkler Alliance's sponsored research into the impact of fires in warehouses.

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Revision 3, Nov 2011 unspecified

BIF 6 Frequently Asked Sprinkler Questions

This is 4th May 2013 revision of BIF 6.

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7 Jul-08

BIF 7 Hotels

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8A Mar-15

BIF 8A Flexible Connections

This is the second revision of BIF 8A, published in April 2013.

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8B Nov-08

BIF 8B Pumps and Pumphouses

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Issue 1 May 2010 May-10

BIF 8C Sprinkler Heads

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8D Nov-07

BIF 8D Use of CPVC Pipe

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Issue 1 May 2010 May-10

BIF 8E Steel Tube and Fittings for Sprinklers

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Issue 2 Nov 2011 Nov-11

BIF 9 Water Mist

This is a fully updated revision of BIF9 which includes changes made necessary by the publication of the BSi DD documents in early 2011
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BIF 10: !st issue Apr-13

BIF 10:Retrofitting Sprinkler Systems

This is the first issue of BIF 10, April 2013
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Issue 1 Jan 2010 Mar-10

BIF 8F Water Storage

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BIF 10A Issue 1 Nov-10

BIF 10A Sprinklers in Car Parks

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11 Jan-15

BIF 11 Sprinklers and the Fire & Rescue Service

This is the 3rd revision of BIF 11 dated January 2015 and now provides information on fitting fire suppression system to fire authority buildings.

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BIF 12 Sept 2012 Aug-12

BIF 12 BAFSA and Its Members

BIF 12 provides information on BAFSA's aims, objectives and activities and explains what it does for its members.
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13 Jul-16

BIF 13 Sprinklers & Water Supplies

First issued : Nov 2008

Revised : July 2016

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14 Oct-07

BIF 14 Care Homes

Care Homes.

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15 Nov-08

BIF 15 Types of Sprinkler Systems

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16B Nov-08

BIF 16b Sprinkler System Maintenance to BS EN 12845

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BIF 17 Dec-16

BIF 17 Hospitals & Healthcare Premises

First published 1 November 2008. Revised 20 January 2012. Fully updated June 2016

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18 Aug-14

BIF 18 Fire Sprinkler Systems in Timber Framed Buildings

The problems with fire safety in the construction of timber framed buildings and issues with fires in finished structures can be ameliorated by the inclusion of a fire sprinkler system.

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BIF 19 Mar-16

BIF 19 Sprinkler Reliability

BIF 19 covers sprinkler reliability and effectiveness and lists some interesting examples of successful sprinkler operation.

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Issue 1 Nov 2010 Nov-10

BIF 20: Third Party Certification

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Issue 2 Sept 2015 Sep-15

BIF 21 Wet & Dry Risers

This a revision of BIF 21 first published November 2010

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BIF 22 (October 2010 Sep-11

BIF 22 Biodiesel Fuel and Sprinkler Pumps

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BIF 23: 1st Issue, Apr-13

BIF 23: Sprinklers in Student Accommodation

This is first issue of BIF 23, 'Sprinkler in Student Accommodation'. April 2013

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BIF 24 Sep-16

BIF 24 Training & Qualifications in the Sprinkler Industry

Issue No. 1. Published 1 September 2016.

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BIF 25 October 2014 Oct-14

BIF 25: Fire Suppression Systems for the Waste Management Industry

This BIF provides information and advice on the selection of fire fighting/suppression sustems for recycling centres and other waste management premises including those utilising refuse-derived fuels.

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26 1st Issue Mar-15

Sprinklers and the Insurance Industry

This BAFSA Information File reviews the unique historical relationship between insurers and the sprinkler industry and summarises the way in which insurance interest has influenced the development of sprinkler rules and installation standards since 1870.

Part 2 summarises the insurers' particular areas of interest including hazard classification, maintenance, record keeping and hazard review.

Part 3 summarise the principle factors which will be of interest to insurance surveyors when inspecting systems.

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27 Issue 1:Sept 2015 Oct-15

Sprinklers: A Guide for Owners and Occupiers

This publication summarises the main obligations imposed on the owner or occupier of a building or structure which is fitted with a sprinkler system. The advice given also holds true for watermist systems. 

It is hoped that the information on Page 6 which covers living with a domestic sprinkler system can be usefully provided to residents of sprinkler protected homes.

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L2 Nov-16


Course application form for January 2017

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