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The 2017 sprinkler installation courses are underway

14 trainees have now commenced the L2 Sprinkler Installation course at Neath Port Talbot Group College.

BAFSA members Domestic Sprinklers, Compco and RSP Wales have all put forward students for this innovative course which was devised and launched by BAFSA two years ago.

BAFSA would like to wish all of the trainees good luck with their studies.

Important dates for your diary

Two important free-to-attend events, organised by BAFSA, will be held in March and May

15th March

One-day seminar : Protecting the vulnerable and the elderly from fire

Hosted by London Fire Brigade at LFB HQ, Union Street, London


3rd May

One-day seminar : Protecting new homes and community developments with sprinklers

Hosted by Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service at the Parkside Place Community Fire Station, Cambridge


Click here for more information


Sprinkler Save: recycling plant

A recycling plant in Gateshead was saved from serious damage thanks to a sprinkler system which activated after a fire broke out in the early morning of Monday, 16 January.

Two Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service crews from Swalwell and Gateshead were called to the waste management company’s premises after a compactor bailing machine caught fire shortly after 0500. The fire was caused by tightly compacted waste spontaneously combusting.

The sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading further and is connected directly to the fire and rescue service, which alerted the control room to the fire. It was extinguished by two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, using a hose reel.


Area Manager Alan Robson, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: “There is no doubt that having an automatic sprinkler system in this building stopped the fire from spreading and prevented potentially severe damage to the property and the business itself. I would encourage all businesses to install sprinklers to protect their premises and staff, the general public and firefighters.”

​A spokesperson for the waste management company said: “The sprinkler system is tested regularly and has proven this week to be invaluable to the business. The fire service response was immediate and their expertise was exemplary. As a business we feel our sprinkler system and our world class fire service is an ongoing partnership which is critical to our business activity.”

Firefighters also used hi-tech Cobra equipment in the final stages of the incident to extinguish the rubbish on fire inside the compactor machine. Cobra uses a high pressure hose reel water jet system, which has the facility to draw abrasive into the water jet and can pierce through all common building materials. It delivers a fine atomised mist into a building or high temperature compartment, cooling fire gases and suppressing fire from outside the compartment. This makes it much safer for firefighters to tackle fires in confined spaces.

Sprinkler Save : Compressor house

The Oxford Mail reports that  fire crews were directed to Wyndeham Bicester'scompressor house after a piece of kit – understood to be an air compressor – caught fire at just before 2040hrs on 9th January.

The sprinkler system was already on and working, which prevented the fire from spreading further. Staff had been evacuated before fire crews arrived, a few minutes after the alarm was raised, to extinguish the fire.

Fire crews worked with an onsite specialist engineer to isolate the electricity supply and unaffected parts of the company’s site quickly resumed normal operation.

In a statement published in the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser, Dave Bray, fire protection and business safety manager for Cherwell and West Oxfordshire, said: “This incident clearly demonstrates the benefit of businesses having an automatic water suppression system to protect their plant, product and buildings.

“The site workers were alerted to the presence of fire through their fire detection and warning system and, upon investigating the cause of the alert, found their sprinkler system already activating and holding the growth of the fire in check.

“The sprinklers contained the fire to the piece of equipment where it started, and extinguished the flames.”

Bray added other pieces of plant equipment in this area and the structure of the building itself were “completely undamaged” and the company was able to return to business “very quickly”.

BAFSA was alerted to this Sprinkler Save by BAFSA member Reliable Sprinkler.

Full story

Sprinkler Save : Factory, Stafford

On Sunday 5th January 2017 at 1925, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service attended a fire at Bostik Ltd, Common Lane, Stafford. The building is 20,000sqm. The incident involved a chemical vapour fire over an industrial adhesive filling process. The process uses 6641 coating adhesive which contains 35% Toluene. The cause of the fire is believed to be the vapour ignited by static electricity produced by the filling process.

The area of the building where  fire was located was two storey and was covered by a sprinkler system. The sprinkler system was unique due to the risk, operating for 1 minute using foam then changed to water. The sprinkler system contained the fire to the machine of origin.

Two appliances attended but did not use any fire fighting media as the sprinkler and on site fire team had extinguished the fire. One employee was taken to hospital for precautionary check due to inhaling chemical vapour.