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BAFSA preferred training provider receives award

Following a visit to The Manchester College by IQ on 30th September The Manchester College, BAFSA's preferred training provider in England, has been awarded Direct Claims Status.

This award is given by an Awarding Organisation where there is evidence of a rigorous internal verification system and one, or more, approved Internal Verifier for the sector where learners are being recommended for the award of credit.

The Manchester College is one of three preferred training providers offering the IQ L2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation. 

The verifier was impressed by the  course set up ie, practical workshop, moodle, learner work and the detailed portfolio evidence.

Registration for 2016/2017 courses is now possible. Click HERE for dates and costs

Sprinkler Save : Mill

Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service were called to a fire at Worsham Mill, Minster Lovell, at 0526 on Sunday 18 September 2016. Four fire engines from Burford, Witney and Oxford, attended the scene.
Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the building and used high pressure hose reels to extinguish the fire and positive pressure fans to ventilate the smoke.
The building was protected by a sprinkler system that activated and contained the fire until the arrival of the fire service. Only one head was needed to control the blaze. Without this automatic water suppression system more of the factory, goods and products would have been destroyed thus leaving the company in a vulnerable state.
Incident commander Nathan Crockford said “the quick thinking of their staff helped to reduce the impact of the fire on the business and the activation of the sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading to other areas of the site".

Sprinkler Save : factory

Sprinkler save in Shrewsbury glass reinforced plastics (GRP) manufacturer

 At 1448 on 6th September 2016, a fire broke out in a GRP manufacturer sending thick black smoke across Shrewsbury.

 The building measured approximately 60m x 30m and was of steel frame construction with brick lower walls, steel sides and a steel roof.

 Crews were in attendance within minutes and observed that the fire had vented through a production extraction chimney. Two fire-fighters entered the building and were able to extinguish the fire using a hose reel jet as the area of the fire were being suppressed with the sprinkler system. A total of 7 sprinkler heads activated, effectively saving the building.

As a result of the sprinklers operating and assertive fire-fighting by the initial crews, the occupiers were able to start making plans to enter the building later that day and had begun limited production the following day.

Sprinkler save : residential

Southwark Specialised Housing scheme: Thursday 1st September 2016

At about 1515 on Thursday 1st September 2016 a fire occurred on the cooker in the flat of an 82 year old resident at the residential specialised housing scheme in Canterbury Place, London.  London Fire Brigade also report that there were some issues with hoarding.

The block had been fitted with automatic fire sprinklers to BS9251 as part of a scheme to protect elderly and vulnerable residents in Southwark and one sprinkler head activated to extinguish the fire. This was all the more extraordinary as it is reported the system was not fully commissioned at the time of the fire. The occupier was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

The system installers attended shortly after 5pm, within the prescribed two hour attendance time to reset the actuated sprinkler head .

LFB report that due to the excellent signage within the block, the attending crews were able to quickly locate the stop valve and isolate the water supply to the sprinkler head.

Sprinkler save : block of flats

Bin room : Tuesday 13th September 2016

West Midlands Fire Service report that there was a successful suppression system activation which partially extinguished a fire in the ground floor bin room of a 10 storey block of flats in Millmead, Woodgate, Birmingham on Wednesday 13th September. Full extinguishment with 1 hose-reel and ventilation of some of the upper floors was carried out by attending crews.