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Sprinkler Save : Shopping Complex, Southampton

At 1711 on Saturday 31st December 2016, Hampshire FRS received a call to a fire at the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton. 

The fire involved a refrigeration unit on the ground floor of the 3 storey M&S store and was reported to have started in electrical insulation materials. The shop comprises of food and clothing retail sales and a coffee shop totalling approx 3000m².

Hampshire FRS deployed 4 BA wearers with main jets due to the size of the store but their report states that  'the  store's sprinklers held the fire at source and prevented further escalation. Damage from direct burning and heat was limited to the item which ignited and was estimated at a total of 3m² . Apart from smoke spreading to stock in the neighbouring coffee shop there was no serious damage and losses were reported at about 3,000 pounds'.

Just one pendant sprinkler head on the tank and pump system activated to control the fire and business interruption was described as minimal.


Sprinkler Save : Industrial Laundry


Malcolm Reade of AD Sprinklers (a BAFSA member) reports that on the evening of Wednesday 28th December a fire occurred in a dryer at an industrial laundry in Ashton under Lyne, Manchester.

The fire was severe enough to activate one upright sprinkler head on the sprinkler system which was dry pipe at this location. This controlled the fire until the arrival of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.


Sprinkler Save : Housing, Hertfordshire

On the evening of 21st December 2016 a fire occurred upon ignition of a light on the hallway ceiling in a flat at Nicolas Kings Homes, St Albans

 2 heads activated to control/extinguish the fire and firefighters from St Albans (Green Watch) attended to ensure extinguishment and isolate the supply.

No injuries  nor serious damage is  reported.

Sprinkler Save : Shopping centre, Bristol

Thousands of people were evacuated from Bristol's biggest shopping during the busiest weekend of the year due to a blaze in a back store room of Cribbs Causeway on 18th December

The fire broke out at around 1618hrs but the fire was extinguished by the store's sprinklers before firefighters arrived.

Thousands of shoppers making a last dash for their Christmas presents were then asked to leave immediately.

Crews attended from Patchway and the cause of the blaze will now be investigated.


Sprinkler Save : Restaurant, Liverpool

BAFSA member JJ Sprinklers has reported a Sprinkler Save which occurred after a fire broke out in the third floor plant room of Jamies Italian restaurant in Liverpool around midnight on 20th December, a project J&J undertook back in 2010.

Merseyside FRS say they set up fans to clear the smoke from the building and it was the restaurant’s automatic sprinkler system which helped contain the fire to the room it started in. As a direct result the loss of trade will be kept to an absolute minimum.