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Sprinkler Save : Mill, Manchester

Overnight on 11th February 2017 Greater Manchester FRS attended a fire in an extensive old multi-occupancy mill complex just outside the city centre.  At its, peak over firefghters attended the blaze in the six storey building, known as the Rogue Artists' Studio.

Fortunately it was sprinklered and the fire only affected a small section, being contained and extinguished within a couple of hours.

Officers who attended have report that without the sprinkler system it is likely that the whole mill would have been lost.

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Sprinkler Save : Recycling facility, Deeside

At just after 2200hrs on 31st January a fire occurred within a concrete bunker with sheet metal covering at a 4000m² material recycling centre in Shotton on Deeside. North Wales F&RS deployed  6  Pumps, one Aerial appliance and a Command unit.

Waste materials form the recycling process discharged into a waste bunker where a small fire started. This fire grew and spread to the discharge point of the over head conveyors which is when six sprinkler heads on the tank and pump fed sprinkler system operated above the conveyors and extinguished the fire on upper conveyor. They also contained the fire to lower conveyors where most of the damage was done.

Due to access issues on the lower conveyors the crews were engaged in damping down for some time whilst in Breathing Apparatus had to be deployed due to the rubber belt conveyors being involved in fire. The fire is reported to have been under control in 1hour 37 minutes.

Whilst the building held several hundreds of tons of waste ready to be sorted and recycled there was no fire spread to this materials due the sprinkler activation combined with containment by the Fire & Rescue Service.

The plant was up to 75% production by the following day while there was no disruption to the local community and none of the eight persons working at the site were reported injured.


Sprinkler Saves in Gloucestershire & Lincolnshire

We have received reports of two Sprinkler Saves in two days.

2nd February - Sprinkler Save : factory, Scunthorpe

Humberside Fire & Rescue Service say that a machine blaze at a Scunthorpe factory was believed to be caused by "accidental ignition".

The incident happened at the International Automotive Components factory unit on Park Farm Road on the Foxhills Industrial Estate and five crews respondeds hortly before 2255hrs.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said the fire involved a plastic moulding machine inside a building 150 metres by 300 metres.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "Three engines were sent from Scunthorpe, one from Winterton and one from Epworth. There were two hose reels and four firefighters with breathing apparatus and a thermal imagining camera to identify the source of the fire.

"The sprinkler system did activate which is great. We encourage all industries to have a sprinkler system to confine the fire to its source."


4th February - Sprinkler Save : retail, Gloucester

Fire crews were called to a fire at the Asda Superstore, Bruton Way, Gloucester. It was a deliberate fire started in the clothing department; CCTV and online media shows how quickly the fire developed.

The fire was suppressed by the sprinkler system that activated only in the area of the fire.  Two breathing apparatus wearers were committed to the fire and dealt with it very quickly due to the suppression effect of the sprinklers. Positive pressure ventilation fans were then used for post-fire smoke clearance.

The sprinkler system aided early firefighting intervention and rapid location of the fire.

"Without the sprinkler containment, rapid fire spread and fire loading would have resulted in a major fire"


Sprinkler Save : food outlet, Glasgow


At 0754 on Saturday 28th January 2017 a fire occurred at a ground floor food outlet in Savoy Centre, 140 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow .

The building, measuring 60m x40m, is a category B listed former 5 storey warehouse  of steel framed construction with 'Celotex' lining, concrete walls and ceiling. It was redeveloped in about 1975 to form an open plan indoor shopping centre/market containing numerous stalls, with a pedestrian precinct linking Sauchiehall Street to Renfrew Street

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service mobilised three pumps and an aerial appliance to the incident but on arrival it was found that 1 sprinkler head on the town's mains fed system had activated and extinguished the fire. Crews were then engaged in 'salvage' operations utilising the brigade's salvage unit.

Scottish FRS report that though the building was not open to the public at the time and 30 occupants escape without injury.

They were unable to quantify value of property and jobs saved, however due to the fire loading and close proximity of other units, had the sprinklers not been fitted, the potential for fire/smoke spread would have be high, resulting in disorientation to firefighters due to complex layout.

Two Sprinkler Saves : Factory, Peterborough and Tube station, London

Sprinkler Save :  Factory, Peterborough

Firefighters from Stanground, Whittlesey, and Dogsthorpe were called to the fire at the McCain food processing factory in Funthams Lane, Peterborough at 1448hrs on Friday, January 27th.

Sprinklers were activated after the fire started in the food filtration system but it also spread to the roof.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one hose reel to extinguish the fire and returned their stations by 1620hrs.

The cause of the fire was accidental.


Sprinkler Save : Tube station, London

A busy Tube station was evacuated after smoke billowed from an escalator which had caught fire. Alarms sounded at London Bridge station shortly before midday on Tuesday 31st January and crowds of passengers were ushered outside. The station’s sprinkler system was set off by the smoke and quickly brought the fire under control, London Fire Brigade said.

Four fire engines and 21 firefighters were sent to the scene after the alarm was raised at 1145hrs.

Tube services on the Jubilee and Northern lines were not stopping at the station while officials dealt with the incident and the station reopened at 1235hrs

Journalist Rachel Cary told the Standard: "I was about to jump on the escalator to exit from the Northern Line when the announcement to evacuate started. There were no signs of trouble so everyone just continued at a normal pace. "It wasn't until I was halfway up the escalator that I started to see and smell smoke - that's when people picked up pace and started running out”

A London Fire Brigade spokeswoman said: “Crews were called to reports of smoke issuing from a motor underneath an escalator. The station’s sprinkler system operated and contained the small fire. The station was evacuated before the arrival of the Brigade and Fire crews remained at the scene investigating the cause of the fire into Tuesday afternoon.”

Crews from Dowgate, Dockhead, Old Kent Road and Shadwell fire stations attended.