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Sprinkler Save : storage unit, Chippenham

At 0136hrs on Thursday 16th March 2017, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service received a call to a commercial unit storing plastics in Chippenham, Wiltshire.  A fire had occurred in a first floor mezzanine level of the building measuring 50x100 metres. Appliances from Chippenham and Corsham attended and found that the fire involved a cage of portable scanners awaiting recycling.

One sprinkler head had activated which extinguished most of the fire. One BA crew with hosereel jet was required to extinguish a remaining small fire. Fire damage was limited to one storage stillage of 1.2x 1.2metres and the fire was extinguished and area ventilated with 30 minutes of arrival.

Cause of fire is believed to be defective batteries within one of the portable scanners. The building was able to return to normal operations the following day.

Sprinkler Save : recycling centre, London

A sprinkler system prevented a serious fire at an industrial recycling warehouse in Kensal Green on 16th March.

Around 15 workers evacuated the building in Scrubs Lane before London Fire Brigade (LFB) attended, after being called 2302hrs

An industrial shredder containing construction waste was completely gutted in the blaze, according to the LFB. The fire was under control by 0206hrs

Park Royal watch manager Dan Green, who was at the scene, said a sprinkler saved further damaged. He added: "The sprinkler system undoubtedly helped contain the fire from spreading further.

"Firefighters also worked extremely hard to create a water relay from a nearby canal which meant we were able to limit damage and bring this under control quicker."

A spokesman for LFB used the fire as an example for other businesses to follow.

They said: "As well as being potentially life saving devices, sprinklers help with business continuity by minimising disruption and allowing businesses to get back to normal as soon as possible."

Sprinkler Save : specialised housing, Stoke on Trent


At 0553 on Thursday 16th March, Staffordshire FRS were called to a flat fire persons reported at the Oak Priory, Extracare village. The state of the art building containing 175 flats over 3 storeys was completed two years ago and benefits from having a misting system throughout both the flats and common areas.

 The fire was in the lounge in a second floor, single occupancy flat. The occupier was lead to safety thanks to the alarm system and the quick actions of the staff. A single head of the misting system activated shortly after the occupant had left, containing the fire to an armchair. There was little smoke damage to the lounge and the rest of the flat was left relatively unaffected.

Fire crews attending reported the fire was extinguished and naturally ventilated the flat.

The cause of the fire was accidental.

Sprinkler Save : Shopping Centre, Glasgow

At 2238hrs on Monday 30th January 2017, Scottish FRS attended a fire in a shop unit at the St Enoch Shopping Centre in Glasgow. The fire started after a hot air gun had been left switched on and ignited nearby combustibles in a first floor shop unit.  

The 3 storey shopping centre, one of the largest in Glasgow,  measures about 300m x 150m and is constructed of brick with glass facades and occupies the site of the former St Enoch railway Station.

One sprinkler pendant head on the town's mains fed system activated in response to the fire and controlled and contained the fire. Scottish FRS personnel completed extinguishment and isolate the valves.

It is estimated it took 5 minutes to control the fire and which resulted in about 12m² fire damage.


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