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British Automatic
Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

T 01887 829428


Cambridge Water Company Sprinkler Policy

Anglian Water Sprinkler Information Leaflet

Bournemouth Water Company Sprinkler Advice Sheet

Dee Valley Water Company Sprinkler Information Leaflet  ...  kler_system.pdf

Sutton and East Surrey Water Sprinkler Information Leaflet

South East Water Sprinkler Information Leaflet

Abacus Construction Index

Abacus Construction Index is a searchable directory of more than 1,500 websites and online documents for UK construction professionals:


Aecportico is a leading information web portal for the UK construction industry:

Business Sprinkler Alliance

The Business Sprinkler Alliance is working to achieve greater business resilience by enhancing protection against fire through the increased acceptance and use of fire sprinklers in commercial and industrial premises.

Department of Communities and Local Government

Department responsible for Fire and Resilience in England and Wales.


FIRAS is voluntary, third party certification for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warrington Certification, and accredited by UKAS to EN45011. A comprehensive listing of companies which have FI

Ford Warehouse Fire

Short video on the Ford warehouse fire in Cologne in 1977 and the subsequent tests of sprinkler systems.

Fire Protection Contractor magazine

Fire Sector Federation

Successor body to FOBFO and Fire Sector Partnership. Provides a form for all fire sector and fire industry groups.

Firefighters Memorial Trust

Formerly the Comite Technique Internationale du Feu

International association of fire and rescue services.

FSWorld Online Fire News

Justice Department

Justice Department of the Scottish Government responsible for Fire and Resilience.

List of Contacts for all UK Water Suppliers

Marcel Boschi's History of Mather+Platt

Working Mather & Platt steam-drive fire pump at Ellenroad Enginehouse Steam Museum,

The Jubilee Book 1958

Commemorative Work for the 1958 Mather & Platt Jubillee 

Scottish Association of Building Standards Managers

SABSM provides a comprehensive resource for Building Standards in Scotland.

Sprinkler Engineers Society

UK Association of British Insurers

UK Building Research Establishment/Fire and Risk Sciences

UK Building Research Establishment/Fire and Risk Sciences - incorporating LPC

UK Chief Fire Officers' Association

UK Fire Brigades Union

UK Fire Industry Confederation

UK Fire Net

UK Fire Protection Association

UK Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh

UK Institution of Fire Engineers

US National Fire Protection Association

Water Regulations Advisory Service Video

What's New In Fire

The fire industries' daily news bulletin.

BSA Interactive Sprinkler Saves Map

An interactive map from the Business Sprinkler Alliance  (BSA), illustrating UK Sprinkler Saves since 2012 in sprinklered commercial, industrial buildings and warehouses together with losses from unsprinklered commercial premises.