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British Automatic
Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

T 01887 829428

BAFSA Membership

BAFSA welcomes applications for membership from all parts of the industry and from any organisation which has an interest in the promotion of sprinkler protection as the most effective way of protecting life and property from the effects of fire.

BAFSA is a democratic organisation, promoting an all-inclusive approach and is the only UK trade association which represents all parts of the sprinkler industry. BAFSA's funding comes solely from its members and its activities are therefore entirely directed to benefiting the interests of all its members and the wider public good.

BAFSA enjoys close links with all the other stakeholders in the UK fire protection industry, in particular the National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN) and the European Fire Sprinkler Network (EFSN) with whom we work closely with to promote sensible changes to legislation and procedures. BAFSA is a founder member, with NFSN and EFSN of the Sprinkler Coordination Group which also includes the Chief Fire Officers' Association and insurers' interests. BAFSA is also a founding member of the Business Sprinkler Alliance which is funded by a major international insurer and campaigns to promote the wider use of sprinklers in industrial and commercial premises. BAFSA also has a close working relationship with the Fire Industry Association (who represent the fire detection, gas extinguishing and fire extinguisher industries) and through the Fire Sector Federation with fire and rescue service interests, the passive fire protection industry, the CTIF, FPA, trade press and other fire-related bodies.

BAFSA represents and provides services for all parts of the sprinkler and watermist industry, large and small and all its members are entitled to take part in all of its activities and all its various groups, committees and forums. So any company or organisation with an interest in the UK sprinkler industry should join BAFSA and participate in all its activities. It is your industry. It is only by having a strong trade association that we can influence future standards, legislation and government policies.

To join complete the membership application form and return this. When your application has been approved by BAFSA's council you will be eligible to receive technical information, monthly newsletters, free copies of our publications and attend our meetings and conferences at preferential rates.

Current Membership Grades are based largely on the LPS 1048 grading scheme. Companies which are listed under the FIRAS or IFCC Domestic and Residential Installer scheme are classified together with LPCB Level 1 installers. Unlisted companies installing such systems are classified as Associate Members and pay a lower level of subscription. All unlisted installer members (sprinklers and watermist) are required to obtain third party certification within two years of joining the association.

Installer Members

Certificated (Level 4)
Registered (Level 3)
Registered (Level 2)
Registered (Level 1/1P)

Water Mist System Installers: Companies solely in the business of installing water mist systems are most welcome to apply for membership. Those applicants or members who are listed by the FIRAS Warrington third party certification schemes for this type of work will be asked to pay a subscription equal to that of a Level 3 sprinkler installer. Manufacturers of water mist components who are third party certified by any internationally recognised certification body will pay the same subscription as Suppliers and Manufacturers of Listed Equipment.

Suppliers and Manufacturers of Listed Equipment

Manufacturers of sprinkler heads and watermist heads/nozzles

Suppliers/manufacturers of listed components for sprinkler systems and watermist systems

Associate Members

Installer: Unlisted installers of Domestic/Residential systems

Trade: Suppliers of unlisted equipment and services not holding third party certification

Organisations : Fire Brigades/Insurers/Certification Bodies/Others, Individuals/Consultants

Details of current subscription rates (as at 1 January 2016) are given below:

BAFSA Annual Subscription Rates

Installers Subscription £ VAT £ Total £
Level 4 3,630 726 4,356
Level 3/Water Mist Installers 2,400 480 2,880
Level 2 1,870 374 2,244
Level 1 Installers/LPS1301/FIRAS/IFC Residential Scheme members 1,210 242 1,452
Suppliers and Manufacturers of Listed Equipment
Sprinkler Head Manufacturers 10,000 2,000 12,000
Suppliers/Manufacturers of Listed Sprinkler/Watermist Components 2,000 400 2,400
Associate Members
Domestic/Residential and Watermist Installers not holding third party certification 880 176 1056
Trade members including Sub Contractors and Suppliers of unlisted misc. equipment and services 605 121 726
Organisations (Insurers, Fire and Rescue Services, BCO's, Consultants etc) 220 44 264
Individual Members not providing products or services or installing systems 220 44 264

Payment Options

1. By cheque payable to British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association.

2. By BACS credit in favour of:-

Bank: Nat West Bank, Market Street, Ely, CB7 4YY
Account No: 43089534
Sort Code: 52-41-19
Account Name: British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

3. In the case of Certificated or Registered Installers or Listed Suppliers and Manufacturers, by:

a) Either: monthly Standing Order payments (Standing order mandate form can be obtained from the Registered Office. Or:
b) Two equal installments. Your remittance for the first payment must be received by 25th February and your second within 28 days of the date of the reminder notice which will be sent out before the end of June.

(NB - This installment option is not available for Associate members due to the extra costs incurred.)