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British Automatic
Fire Sprinkler
Association Ltd

T 01887 829428

Our Campaigns

BAFSA campaigns to promote the better and more effective use of water-based, automatic fire suppression systems to protect lives (including the lives of fire fighters), property and the environment.  It does this by targeting specific occupancies and hazards and lobbies the relevant employment or regulatory sector.

Previous campaigns where success has been achieved include:

  • Residential care premises
  • Schools
  • High rise dwellings

We use independently commissioned reports such as Sprinkler for Safer High Rise Living and DVD programmes as well as running seminars, conferences and training courses for building and fire service professionals.

Other areas where we have been active include:

  • Funding research by the Chief Fire Officers Association to determine the cost-benefits of sprinklers in residential and domestic premises
  • Finding a pilot study of retrofitting sprinklers into an occupied high rise social housing block.
  • Funding research into the use of sprinklers in car park stacker systems

BAFSA believes that collaboration and coordination is the most effective way to employ the inevitably limited resources of a small trade association so it actively seeks to work with other groups in promoting its aims.

Other Areas of Work

  • Protection of historic buildings
  • Fitting sprinklers in student accommodation
  • Promoting sprinklers in hotels
  • Ongoing work to eliminate the myths which have grown up around sprinklers including issues such as Legionnaire's Disease
  • Appropriate uses of watemist systems
  • Alternative compliance with building codes and standards using sprinklers